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NetScount (Network General) requested that we change our Podcast Series name from "The Sniffer Guy" to something else--because they consider it to be a violation of their Trademark. 

So--from this point forward, the Podcast shall be called, "The Root Cause." 


Episode 18: Baselinig--StressTesting--PerformceTesting-OhMy-PartTwo--TestingStrategies


Episode 17:  Testing Environments--Cost Justification

Episode 16:  Baselining--StressTesting--PerformanceTesting--OhMy--PartOne--Environments.

  • Describes modern Testing Environments required for appropriate Network and Application Performance testing in large enterprise networks.
  • Part one of three. The second podcast (episode 17) discusses the Management point of view and provides an important Cost Justification. The third podcast describes the various form of testing within these environments.

Episode 15:  How Vendors Direct IT Best Practices


Episode 14: Interpath Application Flow Diagrams-01.


Episode 13:  Our Name Has Changed and NetGen Updates.

  • Explains our name change and provides some updates on Network General/NetScout.


Episode 12: Sniffer Portable 4.9 Compared to Wireshark 1.0.0.

  • Compares Sniffer 4.9 to Wireshark 1.0.0 and speculates on their future strategies.


Episode 11: "What's So Great about Packet-Sniffers?"


Episode 10: "Capture Filter Concepts"

  • Describes how hardware and software affect the capture filter capabilities of various Packet-Sniffers


Episode 09:  "Mentoring in IT"


Episode 08:  "Packet-Sniffer Filtering Concepts-01"


Episode 07:  "The Missing Link in IT Management"


Episode 06: "Myths of Utilization and Automated Metrics"


Episode 05:  "The NAPA Troubleshooting Team"


Episode 04: "The 7 Most Common Mistakes Using Packet-Sniffers"


Episode 03: "Why Network Assessments Must Include Application and Protocol Behavior"   


Episode 02:  "How To Create Open-Source Distributed Packet-Sniffers"

  • Discusses the In's and Out's of building an inexpensive suite of Open-Source Distributed Packet_Sniffers that are controllable from a central location, allow the Network and Application Performance Analyst to synchronize trace file times, avoid security issues and other "Gotchas" in Enterprise IT Environments.


Episode 01:  "Fundamentals of Network and Application Performance Analysis"

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The ROOT Cause

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