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    Team Building

    Articles related to the following topics:


    • Creating a temporary or permanent team
    • Subject Matter Expertise
    • Coping with Corporate Boundaries
    • Scope of Work Concerns
    Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    Inter-Silo Communication in IT Organizations
    All companies have Silos. They are probably an unavoidable byproduct of corporate hierarchy. IT organizations or corporations that use complex advanced technology are more prone to this than most. IT is comprised of departments that are specialists in a piece of the puzzle. Servers, OS, Middlew...
    Horizontal Knowledge and Vertical Knowledge in the IT World
    IT Career Planning is an area that all IT workers must take seriously. This article and podcast discuss one area of such planning. The difference between Horizontal and Vertical growth in your technical career.
    Consulting Compared to Being an Employee - Part One
    Discusses the various types of Consulting as preparation for a discussion on the differences between Consulting and being an Employee and how to succeed in each.
    The Ethical Conflicts Created by MBO Incentive Programs
    Describes the inherent conflicts of interest created by corporate MBO Incentive Programs.
    The New Information Technology Marketplace
    New energy systems and a rewrite of the way that the Health Care Industry does business will be heavily steeped in Information Technology. Our skills are going to be in more and more in demand as companies around the world, and here in the United States, scramble for ways to create a sustainable fut...
    The Technical Enterprise Practitioner (TEP)
    Describes the need for a Technical Enterprise Practitioner (TEP) that provides the same oversight to the IT Industry that the Family Practitioner provides to the Medical Industry.
    Testing Enviroments--Cost Justification
    Provides the cost justification that management may need in order to make needed budgeting decisions regarding the funding of Enhanced Testing Environments.
    Mentoring in IT
    Discusses the critical need for Mentoring Programs within IT organizations in light of the pending mass retirement of the Senior Level staffers that are all baby boomers. Describes some guidelines to identify potential candidates.
    The Missing Link in IT Management
    There is a role that is needed within the IT Management Structure that is missing. In my opinion, this role could save large corporations many millions of dollars per year while contributing greatly to the overall health of all IT departments, and their personnel. While working on muti-month proje...
    The Application & Network Performance Analysis Team (NAPA)
    The Application & Network Performance Analysis (NAPA) Team contains all of the required experience and expertise to resolve application & network performance problems.
    Resolution is the Primary Goal
    Lack of resolution is long-standing, there is disagreement and stress. A Senior Network Application Analyst (NAA) understands that their role has political and financial importance. Resolution equals closure.
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